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  1. May 24, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    Muhammad Sameel ‘Abd al-Haqq has an education in anthropology and Islamic Studies

    He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology with a Biotechnology Certificate and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts Degree in Cultural Anthropology, after which time( next year insha’Allah), he will pursue his PhD in Islamic Studies

    This blog is a collection or suite of interconnected blogs that serve as a resource and sounding board for information and ideas relevant to Islamic education, disseminating authentic Islamic information, and articulating authentic Islamic perspectives for the express purpose of combating Islamophobia through offensive measures rather than defensive ones(apologetics).

    Anthropology of Islam


    This blog presents and discusses Islamic issues from the perspective of the academic discipline anthropology of religion, specifically, anthropology of Islam. It is academic but is approached from the insider/believer perspective. It therefore represents a meeting of two emerging disciples, Anthropology of Islam and Islamic Anthropology.

    Everything Islam


    This blog is an attempt to articulate the perspective of the marginalized Mainstream Muslims, who are being silenced and declared to be silent in an effort to discredit real Islam. This onslaught comes from two sides: the loud voice of the minority Extremists and the increasingly influential voice of minority Modernist Islam, which includes revisionists, liberalists, secularists, progressives, and modernists. These two broad camps of false Islam, though not monolithic in themselves, and though not representative of a necessarily concerted effort that indicates collusion or is reminiscent of conspiracy, present a threat and a challenge to Islam as it has been traditionally understood for more than 1,400 years. This blog presents authentic Islamic information to counter both the Islamophobia engendered by these two camps who refer to themselves as Muslims and the Islamophobia manufactured by the third camp of non-Muslim Islamophobes. It is scholarly without being academic in the sense that the Western attitude in academia is more critical of Islam and religion in general, whereas this blog is critical of Muslims where necessary and not Islam.

    Everything Islam@


    This blog has been revamped to provide listings of recommended books related to everything Islam, as the title suggests, and their book reviews. On the wordpress blog there is a page link that links specifically to this blog. The recommended books consist of relevant books that deal with the subject matter raised in the wordpress blog, as well as books found in the bibliography and references of the articles on the blog, and other cited suggested reading. The book reviews will consist of an introduction to the author, and introduction to the subject matter, and the book review proper.

    Authentic Islamic Perspectives

    There are two blogs that will serve as an anthology of accessible Islam studies resources.


    Will provide all the English translations of the Qur’an, every known translation of every hadith collection, every tafsir and commentary, and every available fiqh book, in one accessible resource, insha’Allah.


    Will provide links to and resources of the writings of Islamic scholars, intellectuals and personalities as well as all of the reference material related to Islam coming from Western authors, insha’Allah

    muhammad ‘abd al haqq| The Revival


    This blog aims to provide an Islamic political perspective that is neither secular, modernist, Ikhwani/Qutubi, Extremist/Khariji, Neo-Salafi/Wahhabi, or Hizbi(Hizb ut-Tahrir or any other “Islamic” political party); the Islamic traditionalist approach to politics.


    We will soon be adding this TV channel to the collection of interconnected websites dedicated to combating Islamophobia. When the TV station is in full swing this website will become the official IslamophobiaTV website, insha’Allah

  2. June 26, 2011 at 5:10 am

    I think there’s something wrong with the RSS feed here. Seems like a missing link to me?

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